Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lolita Wardrobe Overview- 2013-January 2014

1: This JSK from Bodyline:

This was my first lolita dress, and it is also (currently, hopefully not for long) my only lolita dress. I got it in the pink version, aka the one Venus is wearing in the main picture. For anyone who wants to get this dress, no, it does not have that ridiculously huge detachable bow that looks like it's trying to strangle her. I think that's part of the blouse.
I would recommend this to a new sweet lolita, but the bottom button on mine fell off the second night I wore it and we have to sew it back on. The inner lining also is prone to ripping, it's cheap tulle, so be careful in it. It's not all that durable, but it's not busy and an old lady who spoke almost no English told me I looked beautiful while I was wearing it.
2. White Tea Party shoes
I got them from QutieLand and they fit perfectly. I also spent an entire evening at the movies with a boy in my neighborhood (and my mom, of course) seeing Frozen wearing these shoes and didn't cringe from tightness once. So, yes, because tea party shoes are nice, I would also recommend them. However, I had some trouble with the bows! *~*
3. A Super-fluffy Chiffon Petticoat
Okay, I admit it. I was kind of hesitant to get a petticoat at first... But, really, I needed this, and my chiffon petti from Classical Puppets is a dream. It hasn't deflated at all, even though I sat on it for about 2 hours total (in a car, at a pizza place, at Frozen) in one day. 
4. My lacy parasol!
Since I got it this winter I haven't had much use of it yet, but my stepmom Kit got me a really nice lacy parasol for christmas... She also got my a lace fan. Apparently she got them on ebay... I'm glad everything worked out, because I've heard more than enough troubled stories about ebay to become worried easily.

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