Friday, August 30, 2013

Good Sites List Update 1

  Hello! I don't know if any of you know about, but it is, according to a lolita who's been doing this a while, a milanoo-type scam site. You guys do not know my ultimate disappointment. I had so many things I wanted to buy (but luckily have not bought yet), that I now can't. Also my safety program censored Google drive, which had in it my wolf research and lolita wishlist. Jeez, why is this happening to me!?
Okay, so this post is for part one of my "good sites list" (to be posted on a separate page of this blog). It's a list of sites that I approve of. If any of these sites are a scam/milanoo-type thing, please tell me so I can edit the post and take them off. If they have incorrect information, also tell me so I can correct it. None of these are brand sites unless stated otherwise.

-* QutieLand * A site used for reselling lolita clothes.
-Dear Celine A good quality taobao site. In Chinese.
-Kidsyoyo A good quality, well known taobao site. In Chinese.
-Anna House An inexpensive korean offbrand lolita store.
-Bodyline A good, inexpensive offbrand site selling lolita clothes and other styles.
-Sock Dreams An online sock store.
-FanPlusFriend A popular store specializing in lolita and cosplay.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Of Petticoats, Measurements, Money and Meetups

Picture belongs to Classical Puppets.
 The lolita community for my area on Facebook are hosting a meet at the Texas renaissance faire/fest, and I plan to be there. It's my first meet. So my mom, she "wants to see what 'these kids' are like", I'm scared I won't get a coord together in time for the meet, and school just started. I'm nervous, more nervous than I should be. Any senior lolita could help me on this, but I myself am just starting out and I imagine that being this nervous is not cool.
  Now onto money. I'm a teen, so most, if all, of my money comes from my allowance: $7.50 a week. As you should know, lolita stuff is expensive. I need to make $40 for my first petticoat by mid-September, then get enough to buy a skirt and shoes. There's always the.fact that I get monthly allowance at my dad's, too, but a skirt is usually $50 from Etsy and shoes are $48 from Bodyline. Eek! $140 by October? This is hard, man!
  Measurements are, again, another matter altogether. I need to measure myself so I can get the skirt and shoes. I barely have any decent accessories and my only shirt is a single (vintage; and technically not lolita) blouse, I don't want to spend any more money than I already have; and I haven't measured myself. Shit.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Why I Can't Shop Brand!

  I would love to shop brand. Boy, would I love that. With their cute, perfect lacy OPs and JSKs, plastic starry necklaces and graphic cutsews, BABY and AP enchant me. And although I would love to save up my money and buy something from them, right now I am not willing to spend $400 on lolita. I'm just not willing to. I'm starting small, with more inexpensive pieces, and want to know the reason? I haven't stopped growing yet.
  I'm twelve, turning thirteen in September, and I am still growing. I refuse to spend lots of money on something I will grow out of. Until I am not gonna get any bigger, I will not spend over $80 on most skirts, $50 on most blouses, or too far over $100 on a dress. Because I will grow out of it. And I will not be happy then. At all.
  It's not just spending money I'm worried about, I just would HATE to grow out of something valuable and pretty like that, and then I wouldn't be able to wear it anymore! Even if it's not me who buys it, I would feel AWFUL growing out of a brand dress. So horrible, I don't want to discuss it anymore. So I buy from etsy, Lolita Desu, Bodyline, Anna House, and ebay. Bye!

*Picture belongs to BABY, The Stars Shine Bright/BTSSB

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lolita-esque Sleepwear for All!

  If you want to become an everyday lolita, or are just looking to inject a bit more lolita into your life, a great place to start is pajamas. If you're like me, this will send you into a thrift store, where almost all of your findings are granny-like, "modern", spotted with superman, or trying to be sexy. None of these are really lolita, and you want lolita. The best I've found is see-through frilly pants and a matching (also transparent) shirt, and a frilly mint-striped nightgown.
  The best way to really find some good lolita sleepwear is vintage. I can tell what you're thinking: "How am I supposed to do this?" If you are actually thinking that, ten points for me, and also, stop thinking that and listen to me! It's not hard, and you usually don't have to look outside your laptop on Etsy or your local Jo-Ann fabrics (or other fabric store). The answer is: vintage patterns! Vintage patterns are relatively easy to find no matter what age you are. You can buy them on Etsy or from the pattern section of most fabric stores. They're generally high-quality and I just recently bought one from the pattern company burda that includes bloomers as well!
  However, there are also a lot of us out there that can't sew... What do they do, you ask? Easy! Etsy has some great sewers, you can buy them from there.

Do you have any favorite places to buy lolita sleepwear, or a favorite brand for patterns? Tell me!

*Picture found on an etsy listing. Not mine.