Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Of Petticoats, Measurements, Money and Meetups

Picture belongs to Classical Puppets.
 The lolita community for my area on Facebook are hosting a meet at the Texas renaissance faire/fest, and I plan to be there. It's my first meet. So my mom, she "wants to see what 'these kids' are like", I'm scared I won't get a coord together in time for the meet, and school just started. I'm nervous, more nervous than I should be. Any senior lolita could help me on this, but I myself am just starting out and I imagine that being this nervous is not cool.
  Now onto money. I'm a teen, so most, if all, of my money comes from my allowance: $7.50 a week. As you should know, lolita stuff is expensive. I need to make $40 for my first petticoat by mid-September, then get enough to buy a skirt and shoes. There's always the.fact that I get monthly allowance at my dad's, too, but a skirt is usually $50 from Etsy and shoes are $48 from Bodyline. Eek! $140 by October? This is hard, man!
  Measurements are, again, another matter altogether. I need to measure myself so I can get the skirt and shoes. I barely have any decent accessories and my only shirt is a single (vintage; and technically not lolita) blouse, I don't want to spend any more money than I already have; and I haven't measured myself. Shit.

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