Sunday, January 12, 2014

More things we all need

   I think all lolitas need certain things. Blouses, pettis, and camisoles were one thing, the essentials, for Lolita 52, but now I want to go into more specific things that aren't always essential but are incredibly helpful. As I'm also browsing around for what I might want to get with my money, this doubles as a secret undercover wishlist post. >v<

1. A coat- or multiple coats!
   Coats are so perfect! When it gets too cold to wear the just frills, you can put on a coat and you'll still be in lolita. Except warmer! Infanta sells really nice classic or gothic ones (left), but BABY also sells nice coats (right) in sweeter styles. I've been looking for a coat myself, because unless you live in the desert, you'll need one! On the other hand, if you live in a bad neighborhood, or are wearing brand, OTT sweet, guro, or something a bit less casual, you can put on a trench coat and no one will be able to tell you're wearing a petticoat. Most of the time.

2. Cutsews
   On the opposite end of the spectrum, cutsews are perfect for when it's too hot to wear a blouse- and definitely too hot for a coat. My reason for putting these on here is that they are super cute, and perfect for if you aren't quite ready to dive head first into the kawaii lagoon of full-on lolita yet. I'm assuming these'd also be good for school, as they're just like decked-out, expensive, loli T-shirts! All these ones come from Infanta. (Can you tell what sites I'm at right now? XD) I personally want the second one, titled Little Red Coat and the Wolf.

3. More casual, non-cupcake pieces
   Not exactly easy to find, but they seem like they'd be really nice. These are the kind you might just barely get away with wearing at school, or something you can wear to ease yourself, your friends, or your family into wearing or seeing you wearing lolita. Because I think we all know how hard it is to sit down at the table with your parents and convince them lolitas are not, in fact, all pedophiles obsessed with the book called Lolita

4. Adorable yet bizarre bags.
    I think this is where the post really veers off into "I think you need this" instead of "you actually need this". At my first meetup, everyone was talking about their bags, and how they had just gotten some new ones from Baby or something else. I think the brand Loris (you can find their stuff in QutieLand) has some pretty funky little things that I find to be the most adorable fuzzy wuzzy little bunny and moon bags everrrr! This is also the last thing I can think of putting in this post, so goodbye peoples.

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