Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: My First Meetup

   In my opinion Sunday is the last day of the week. I don't want to do this on the last day (tomorrow), so since today was my first meetup, I decided to do it today and get it done.
   The place was the Texas Renaissance Festival, the time was supposed to be one o'clock. I was late; I got there at one thirty. I didn't find them until waaaay later. My dad pointed out the two parasols; and I knew I had found my species the Houston Lolita Community. I asked nervously, "Are you, um, the HLC?" They said yes, and I was so happy. So so so happy, oh my gosh. They told me their names; we introduced ourselves, and I was in awe. These girls were... So gorgeous!!
   They asked me questions like how long I had been in the frill, how old I was, and if I had any dresses. They asked if this was my first meetup. It was so awesome! Being asked questions by a bunch of (real live) cool lolitas was really fun- even better than I expected it to be.
   We watched the joust, too. Before everything started we made jokes and discussed brands and I called my dad to let him know where I was, and one of them (I dare not say any names, lol) bought me a pretzel and complimented my skirt. She asked where I got it and I said that someone made it for me, which was true. It was sooo cool! And I also realized I was the only one not wearing a wig (laugh). The only awkward part was that the white horse was literally pooping the entire time.
   This was also the first time I had ever touched anything brand- I was allowed to hold a Baby parasol- and the first time I met a real life model. Also the first time I had ever seen a real lolita, seen a Rhapsody wig (actually, I saw two of them), and more. And ALSO the first time I've had so many pictures taken of me!

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