Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lolita 52, Week 3: 3 trends I wish would come back

  Ah, yes, the infamous camo loli. Originally made by BABY for Aya's concert and popularized by the oddball, Metamorphose. I strongly dislike this trend, but it's also so hilarious! I want it to come back so that I can tell stories about seeing camo lolitas at meetups to my little sister, and being able to (mentally) criticize bizarre pink JSKs.
2. Black and White
  Yes, I know bringing black and white back into style would spawn a hoard of itas once again assuming they are so loli goth desu anime while wearing the disgusting lace monster from that one unfortunate G&LB street snap. But black and white can be really pretty, and I'd love to see more achromatic (no colors) coords out there.

3. Fawn Fur!!
  Okay, I don't know if this trend is over yet, but I want to see it more often. It's just so pretty! I don't encourage using real fawn fur, but a fake fur collar or caplet would be so pretty.

  I'll be posting more non-52 stuff so my blog can be better, so look out for the wave of posts that may or may not be coming your way!

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