Good Sites List

This list is for my (and others') refrence, showing some great sites to buy from. All these sites are scam-free, and are either totally lolita or have lolita capability (such as Sock Dreams). Remember, ita clothes are everywhere, so be careful when shopping!

-Anna House An inexpensive korean offbrand lolita store.
-Bodyline An inexpensive offbrand site selling lolita clothes and other styles.
-CLOBBAONLINE: Infanta Seller of Infanta clothes for good prices.
-Dear Celine A good quality taobao site. In Chinese.
-FanPlusFriend A popular store specializing in lolita and cosplay.
-Ichigo Black An Etsy shop selling handmade lolita clothes.
-Kidsyoyo A good quality and well known taobao site. In Chinese.
-LolitaDesu A site used to resell new and used lolita clothes.
-Metamorphose Temps de Fille The site for the popular brand lolita Metamorphose.
-Sky Creation An Etsy shop selling various handmade clothes including lolita and kimono.
-Sock Dreams An online sock store selling all types of socks, tights, leg warmers and etc.
-QutieLand A site selling various lolita clothes. Warning: Their shipping takes a long time.

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