Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Do-Able Wishlist - Image Heavy Warning!!

   If you look at any other lolita's wishlist, you will most likely see a lot of BABY, Angelic Pretty, Meta, and basically, a lot of brand pieces. But if you read my previous post, you will understand why this is not the case with mine. I want a doable wishlist, so I didn't include any brand anything! The brand things I can buy, however, include necklaces, basically any jewelry, and headgear; along with anything that you cannot grow out of (bags, socks, etc.)
Double Tier Sakura Classic Sweet Lolita Alice Bow
1:  Pink Sakura Alice Bows - SugarcoatEmporium
  These are so cute! I love the sakura/cherry blossoms pattern details and the white lace edges~ I would definitely use these in a sweet coord. Wouldn't you? I think they look really cute and delicate! Of course, you would only be able to wear one of the bows at a time though. *Laughs*

2:  L390 OP - Bodyline
   And of course here comes bodyline- a standard in my lolita wishlists. I seriously love this site... About the colorways in here! I love the pastel colorways but somehow I can't stand how the dark red and black ones look- they work much nicer in other prints; but the sharp change in scene doesn't work for me here. I like the sax and pastel pink the best!
3: This Pink JSK - Anna House
  As you can tell, I love pink! This JSK is just so cute with its solid colors and lace... For $88 I think it's worth it. I need more skirts and dresses because I have a blouse overload at the moment, maybe because of the fact I just started? But anyway, I need a JSK that can look good with a lot of stuff and this seems to look nice with both pink and white, so yay! May be a dream dress.

Classic Lolita Antlers Hair Clips (Brown)
4: Deer Antler Headband - NerdyLittleSecrets
   I have been eyeing the deer lolita trend ever since I first saw it on my tumblr dashboard, and somehow these little guys have sneaked their way into my wishlist. I would love to wear deer antlers with a mori girl inspired or classic coord (if I ever get into classic, that is). These are really tiny and perfect, they're just too cute!!
5: Cute Kitty Shoes - Provence
  I know these in black and white with a cat themed coord may be kind of ita, but I can not resist the cuteness. Again, a cat themed coord. When I say that, I mean that I may not wear cat ears- I may just wear a cat cutsew or hoodie and a black and white lacey skirt, maybe with white tights? A well planned coord can look very non-ita even if it is a cat theme.
6: Simple White Heart Bag - Loris
  I don't know what else to say than I need a lolita purse. Badly. It's secretly a shoulder bag, too!

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