Friday, August 23, 2013

Why I Can't Shop Brand!

  I would love to shop brand. Boy, would I love that. With their cute, perfect lacy OPs and JSKs, plastic starry necklaces and graphic cutsews, BABY and AP enchant me. And although I would love to save up my money and buy something from them, right now I am not willing to spend $400 on lolita. I'm just not willing to. I'm starting small, with more inexpensive pieces, and want to know the reason? I haven't stopped growing yet.
  I'm twelve, turning thirteen in September, and I am still growing. I refuse to spend lots of money on something I will grow out of. Until I am not gonna get any bigger, I will not spend over $80 on most skirts, $50 on most blouses, or too far over $100 on a dress. Because I will grow out of it. And I will not be happy then. At all.
  It's not just spending money I'm worried about, I just would HATE to grow out of something valuable and pretty like that, and then I wouldn't be able to wear it anymore! Even if it's not me who buys it, I would feel AWFUL growing out of a brand dress. So horrible, I don't want to discuss it anymore. So I buy from etsy, Lolita Desu, Bodyline, Anna House, and ebay. Bye!

*Picture belongs to BABY, The Stars Shine Bright/BTSSB

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