Friday, August 30, 2013

Good Sites List Update 1

  Hello! I don't know if any of you know about, but it is, according to a lolita who's been doing this a while, a milanoo-type scam site. You guys do not know my ultimate disappointment. I had so many things I wanted to buy (but luckily have not bought yet), that I now can't. Also my safety program censored Google drive, which had in it my wolf research and lolita wishlist. Jeez, why is this happening to me!?
Okay, so this post is for part one of my "good sites list" (to be posted on a separate page of this blog). It's a list of sites that I approve of. If any of these sites are a scam/milanoo-type thing, please tell me so I can edit the post and take them off. If they have incorrect information, also tell me so I can correct it. None of these are brand sites unless stated otherwise.

-* QutieLand * A site used for reselling lolita clothes.
-Dear Celine A good quality taobao site. In Chinese.
-Kidsyoyo A good quality, well known taobao site. In Chinese.
-Anna House An inexpensive korean offbrand lolita store.
-Bodyline A good, inexpensive offbrand site selling lolita clothes and other styles.
-Sock Dreams An online sock store.
-FanPlusFriend A popular store specializing in lolita and cosplay.

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