Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Thoughts on the Term ITA

Picture from Lolita Confessions
   I feel that personally, the whole "ita" term is a bit overused. Or rather, quite over-enforced. I mean, I understand the "don't have your butt hanging out, and don't look like a pole dancer" parts, and I strongly believe in those. However, I don't like people being shamed because they think cat ears would look super cute with their outfit, or wearing a rectangle headdress because they think it looks nice on the anime characters and want to wear it. I myself love both of these things, and think having a slight anime influence is okay.
Picture from IcicleDolls
   We also seem to come down too hard on itas. They're beginners, and most of the time, don't know that they're offending us. If we calmly explain what they've done wrong, their ita-ness will, slowly but surely, disintegrate. Just give the girls (or boys!) some breathing room. This also goes for people saying what you're wearing is a costume. If they compliment my friends for it, they usually go deadpan and walk past. I believe we should explain why it's not a costume, and also thank them for the compliment! They thought you looked nice, right? At least thank them. But say, "thank you, but it's not a costume," or something to that degree.

Okay, I better stop before I become a ranting ball of anger.

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