Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge~!!

I'm sure all you cool, senior lolitas have heard of the Lolita 52 challenge. I'm also sure that you have all tried it out already as well. I got the idea myself from F Yeah Lolita, who is like my lolita idol in blogging. :) So, here's the list. Hopefully it'll inspire me to blog better and more!

  1. 5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style
  2. 5 movies for Lolitas
  3. What my own Lolita lifestyle is like 
  4. Favorite thing to put on my head
  5. My wardrobe turnover
  6. My favorite Lolita brand
  7. Why I wear Lolita?
  8. Why don't I wear Lolita more often?
  9. 5 keywords that describe my personal Lolita style
  10. How I first found out about Lolita
  11. 3 trends I wish would come back
  12. Combining other fashions with Lolita
  13. Lolitas I have met in real life
  14. Lolitas I would love to meet
  15. 3 things I wish I was told when I was a new Lolita
  16. 10 facts about my Lolita wardrobe
  17. My first meetup
  18. Trends I thought I would never get into, but I now love
  19. Trends I thought I loved, but now I'm not too keen on
  20. How satisfied I am with my current wardrobe
  21. Plan for a trip! A week's worth of Lolita outfits I can fit in a small suitcase
  22. How I accessorize
  23. What influences my Lolita style
  24. What's in my makeup bag
  25. Best places to wear Lolita
  26. How I get out of a wardrobe slump
  27. Purses that I love
  28. Bloomers or no bloomers?
  29. Lolitafying things in my everyday life
  30. How long it took me to build a complete wardrobe
  31. Impulse buys that were totally worth it
  32. My best deal
  33. Something that I made
  34. Wardrobe blunders! Things I bought that I ended up regretting!
  35. What I thought when I got my first real piece of Lolita
  36. Nails to match my favorite looks
  37. Something that's not my style, but I love anyways
  38. Favorite hair style
  39. Most versatile Lolita item I own
  40. 5 inspirational fictional characters
  41. Fondest meetup memory
  42. The ways in which I fit the cliche
  43. The ways in which I do not fit the cliche
  44. How strangers react to my clothes, and how I react to their reactions
  45. Something that was a gift
  46. Parasols: Vital or frivolous?
  47. The item in my wardrobe that was the hardest to get
  48. My "signature" outfit
  49. My favorite Lolita print
  50. What's in my closet, but I haven't worn yet!
  51. Predict the next Lolita trend!
  52. How Lolita has changed me

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